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Every person who walks through the doors at Grace Community Fellowship becomes part of the story of what God is doing in our building, in our community and in our individual lives. Sharing your own story is simply telling others what God has done, or is doing in your life. It is our joy to share these stories with each other!

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My wife, Michelle, and I have been attending GCF for about eleven years. Recently, I have been reflecting on what brought us to GCF and why we have stayed. Of the many things I love about Grace—good teaching, a sense of community, friends, a great kids ministry for our children, and opportunities for meaningful service—one trait has stood out. Grace is a welcoming place. The first day that my wife and I attended, a wonderful couple, Bob and Margaret Kintigh, noticed that we were new, welcomed us to GCF, and invited us to lunch to tell us about the church. It is hard to be new somewhere. You feel like you are the only one that doesn’t know anyone, or fit in. Bob and Margaret helped us feel like we belonged and invested in us. The next week, we felt more at ease coming to church. We soon joined a small group and started connecting with others in a meaningful way. We made authentic friendships, found a way to serve, and Grace is now our home. I have spoken to many others who felt welcomed at Grace in similar ways. It is just what we do as a church. It is a part of our DNA, and I hope we never lose it. As our church continues to grow it will be more important than ever to step out of our comfort zone to welcome others to our community.


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