S.W.A.P. | Seniors with a Purpose


Mission—Love people where they’re at and help them follow Jesus

Vision—Grow an environment where seniors are known, love, pray, serve, and are equipped for the Great Commission.

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Strategic Initiatives

  • We want seniors to be known, a part of Grace, & contributors to the mission of the Church.
  • We will help seniors to love by serving, developing relationships & mobilizing. 
  • Our goal is that no senior would stand alone.
  • Prayer and our prayer team will be strategic in guiding our ministry.

Strategic Path Steps

  • We will develop community by planning regular  gatherings to:
    • Promote community and grow participation in seniors ministry.
    • Develop relationships for mutual support. (Help one another)
    • Seek and develop leaders for the future 
  • We will work with other ministries to sponsor and support events
    • To develop community and relationships with all age groups.
    • To develop spiritual gifts and create service opportunities for seniors
    • To support the church mission.         
  • Maintain and promote the senior prayer ministry.
    • To develop spiritual habits
    • To guide and direct our ministry and church.
  • Sponsor and facilitate educational opportunities for seniors
    • To serve our Church community 
    • To develop the senior ministry

Fellowship: Helene Hughitt, Keith Sherman

Prayer: Cheryl Carter

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Special Projects

We will be open to opportunities to serve the Church and community.

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