Dear Church Family,

At Grace Community Fellowship, we envision being a powerful bridge of hope and healing, spanning the chasm of brokenness within individuals, families, and our community. Inspired by God’s Word, we believe in the power of transformation through Christ, offering a welcoming environment where all can find healing and restoration. Just as a bridge connects two separate places, we aspire to bridge the gap between the unchurched and Jesus, reaching out with love and compassion to influence lives.

I’m inviting you to join our BRIDGES Campaign, which is a part of our vision to reach the community.  The church is thriving with numerical growth, and lives are being transformed by the gospel. Following the Great Commission, we are driven to reach the unchurched with the message of God’s love.

Our heart is to be a BRIDGE of hope for those who have yet to encounter the life-changing grace of Jesus. Through intentional relationships, genuine care, and compassionate outreach ministries, we seek to love people where they’re at and help them follow Jesus. We desire to create a church environment where the unchurched feel valued, loved, and accepted, allowing them to experience real spiritual transformation through Christ and our church family.

What is required now is a “Great Commitment” to the vision God has given to us. The church started in 1980 with the desire to make a spiritual impact in our community. Just like the founders of the church, we have the same passionate focus. We aim to BRIDGE the gap of brokenness, providing practical assistance, resources, friendships, and hope to those who are hopeless. We believe that by shining the light of Christ’s love, we can be the BRIDGE for others to find Jesus.

The BRIDGES Campaign will launch us into a new season of ministry so that we can accomplish God’s vision. By expanding our facilities, we will be equipped to deepen relationships, provide meaningful space for discipleship, and enable people to be the BRIDGE to their sphere of influence. Our facilities are too small to accommodate our growing youth ministry, men’s and women’s ministries, and Celebrate Recovery. By adding a large teaching room on the second floor and additional classrooms on the first floor, we are making space for new people. By developing our backyard, we are creating outdoor opportunities for our ministries and community partnerships.

I’m so thankful for our church family, and I love being your pastor.


Steve Hill, Senior Pastor

At GCF, we’re embarking on an exciting journey that will transform not only our church but the lives of countless individuals in our community. We’re calling this journey the BRIDGES Campaign, and through it, we believe that the Lord will bring us into a new era of enriched relationships, meaningful community, and impactful outreach. We invite you to be an integral part of this inspiring endeavor.

We’re experiencing a bottleneck in several areas due to inadequate space for mid-size groups, such as Celebrate Recovery, men’s and women’s ministries, youth ministry, and community outreach. We have an urgent need for space so these ministries can grow and so new ministries can be launched to reach people in our community.


This building campaign will provide our campus with an additional 8,000 square feet of indoor space with a multi-use meeting space seating approximately 120 people upstairs; four new children’s classrooms downstairs; a new backyard with sand volleyball, basketball/pickleball courts, a year-round turf field, and a picnic
area; and a front parking lot expansion adding 45 spots. We’re excited about the development of our “backyard” with sports courts and a year-round turf field because it creates an invaluable partnership with Bushnell University and will open up unique opportunities for GCF ministries and sports-oriented local

These expansions and improvements are about more than just bricks and mortar or asphalt and turf; they are about equipping our church to serve our congregation and the wider community better than ever before.

Grace Community Fellowship has had many defining moments over the years

and we are at a crucial moment again. We believe that God wants us to be a powerful bridge carrying His message of hope to the hopeless and healing to the hurting. We are leaning into a new vision with BRIDGES as we build connections to a future of enriched relationships, meaningful community, and impactful outreach.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey!

We’re thrilled to invite you to join us on this spiritual journey that will build a brighter future for our church and strengthen our bonds with the community.


Take The Next Steps With Us…


Ask God to work in the hearts of everyone at GCF and give us a passion for His Kingdom first, above all else.


Ask God to give you a renewed passion for the gospel. Help us reach 100% engagement during the BRIDGES Campaign. Pray and simply commit to what God asks of you at this time.


Ask God to show you what generous, faithful giving looks like for you. Commit to give generously, expectantly, and cheerfully.

Get ready to be a part of something extraordinary!

The BRIDGES campaign is not just about building, it’s about building connections and a future filled with hope.

Together, let’s build BRIDGES to a better tomorrow.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

– Hebrews 11:1

Enriched Relationships

Through the BRIDGES Campaign we aim to provide connections for everyone, offering love and support at every stage of life. 

Meaningful Community

Through the BRIDGES Campaign we aim to create a welcoming place for all, with room for our members and local neighbors to gather and grow. 

Impactful Outreach

Through the BRIDGES Campaign we aim to build a campus that will be a bridge of hope and healing for individuals, families, and our community. 

An Opportunity to Give and Grow

Every person in our church family is invited to invest in the BRIDGES Campaign. Each one of us can meaningfully invest in what God will do through BRIDGES. While there is no perfect formula for what your investment might be, here are some giving opportunities and strategies to consider as you make your commitment.

Income-stream Giving

Giving as you receive income—from your regular income, bonuses, and/or through your personal business—is a strategic way to ensure regular giving. 

Delaying Expenses

Postponing anticipated purchases can free resources for giving.


Changing your lifestyle and/or priorities can create additional resources for giving. 

Redirect Present Expenses

Often, families have significant short-term expenses for special needs that end during the campaign, and resources that were applied to that need become available for giving to the campaign. One example is the large expenditure a family incurs for a child to attend college. If the child graduates during the two years of the capital campaign the family may increase their commitment to the campaign by giving what they had been spending on tuition. Another example would be cash flow that is freed up when a loan is paid.


Making Your Commitment

The BRIDGES Campaign will raise funds over a two-year period beginning in the fall of 2023 with time spent as a church prayerfully asking God how He would like to help us grow in generosity. We believe that He will bless our church with the funds to complete this project, and we hope that every individual and family at GCF will prayerfully and faithfully follow God’s lead about how to invest in the future of GCF through the BRIDGES Campaign.


Our financial goal is to raise $3 million without taking on long-term debt.


Read more about BRIDGES campaign in our vision book