28 February 2021
Series: Joseph
Book: Genesis

JOSEPH: When Dreams Come True

Bible Passage: Genesis 41


  • Eliminate self pity by focusing on Jesus.
  • Eliminate compromise by standing firm on your faith.
  • Eliminate arrogance by practicing humility.


  1. Describe a celebrity you’ve met and how you felt in their presence.
  2. God shifted Joseph’s life from the prison to the palace. What change or shift do you want God to accomplish in your life?
  3. How has God prepared Joseph for his new purpose? Do you see a connection between hardship and maturity?
  4. God blesses Egypt for seven years. When have you experienced God’s blessing in your life? When have you experienced a season of famine?
  5. Do you see yourself as someone who can influence the world around you? Why or why not? What would God need to do to increase your influence?
  6. Do you think Joseph needed to go through hardship to become mature? Name something specific that prepared Joseph for his future leadership role.