14 March 2021
Series: Joseph
Book: Genesis

JOSEPH: Softening Attitudes

Bible Passage: Genesis 45


  • Do it in private.
  • Make them feel at ease.
  • Reduce their feelings of self hatred.
  • Let them save face.
  • Keep their offense hidden from the person most important to them.


  1. The brothers make several road trips to Egypt. Describe your favorite road trip.
  2. Joseph assigns the seating table from the oldest to the youngest and Benjamin receives extravagant gifts. What were the brothers thinking at this point? When has God blessed you beyond comprehension?
  3. Guilt is one of the themes in the narrative. How does God remove our guilt? Why do some people struggle with feelings of guilt even though they have asked for God’s forgiveness?
  4. The Bible tells this story from Joseph’s vantage point. How might the brothers tell this story? How might Jacob tell this story?
  5. Judah states that his father will die a miserable death (44:29) if Benjamin does not return. What causes you emotional misery? How have you battled through misery to become healthy?
  6. Is anything more difficult than family trouble? How can families be healed of emotional distress and conflict? What can you do to bring reconciliation? Sometimes reconciliation is not possible. Are you comfortable with this principle?