New Sermon Series Starting November 10

Current Sermon Series

Invite a friend to join you as we spend four weeks discussing the statement: "We will do whatever it takes, short of sinning, to reach those who are far from God."

Teaching Spotlight: Prayer and the Silence of God

In our deepest time of need, we often turn to God in prayer to plead with Him for help. But what happens when those prayers go unanswered? Special guest Philip Yancey joins Mart De Haan, Haddon Robinson, and Alice Mathews for a special roundtable discussion. They'll wrestle with the question the rest of us are thinking, but are afraid to ask: Is God listening?

Grace owns a subscription to RightNow Media (web-based video curriculum) that is available to everyone at GCF. We’ll routinely highlight different options they offer to challenge you in your growth. Don’t have a login yet? Just let us know and we’ll get you one!


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