1 John: What Happened when Jesus Died?

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Steve Hill


1 John 2:1-2


  1. Jesus took my name tag.
  2. When we do sin, Jesus goes to bat for us.
  3. Jesus is: Advocate, Righteous One, Atoning Sacrifice.
  4. Because of Jesus, I can live for Him and with Him.


  1. Pastor Steve used the analogy of name tags. How might this example impact your thinking about concerning your spiritual life?
  2. When your back has been against the wall, who has been in your corner? The word “advocate” means helper or mediator. How is Jesus your Advocate today? See Mark 10:45 and Hebrews 7:24-25
  3. John uses the phrase “atoning sacrifice” but we are far removed from a culture of animal sacrifices. This term has the idea of substitution and removal of guilt. Normally we do something for the person we offended. In this case, God is the offended party and God makes the sacrifice for us. What are your thoughts about this concept?
  4. John is writing “so that you will not sin.” How will knowing and experiencing Jesus’ death on the cross help you not to sin?
  5. Jesus died for all people to provide a way of salvation. Why are we so hesitant to share this message with others?