28 March 2021
Series: Palm Sunday
Book: John

Make Up Your Mind About Jesus

Bible Passage: John 12


  • People like the idea of a utopian kingdom.
  • Jesus knew he would suffer and die.
  • Jesus knew the crowd would turn against him.
  • Spiritual opportunities don’t last forever.


  1. Palm Sunday has been equated to a ticker-tape parade. What is the largest celebration or parade you have attended?
  2. As you think about Palm Sunday, what might have been the perceptions of: Jesus, The 12 Disciples, Jewish leaders, the crowd?
  3. Why do some of your friends reject Jesus? What other reasons do people give for rejecting Jesus?
  4. How can the present circumstances provide an opportunity for you to point people to Jesus?
  5. Read John chapter 12. What stands out to you?