14 February 2021
Series: Joseph
Book: Genesis

JOSEPH: Starting New

Bible Passage: Genesis 39


  • God cares more about your development than your dream.
  • Sexual temptation is different than all others.
  • Resistance requires running.
  • Courageously stick to your convictions.


  1. Describe your first job. What is your dream job?
  2. Joseph maintained his moral purity. What would have happened to the story line if Joseph would have given in?
  3. Christianity has a different set of values than the world. How has this difference in values produced conflict in our culture?
  4. Justice is a hot-button issue today. How might Joseph describe the injustices he faced?
  5. When have you been unjustly treated, but it worked out better in the end?
  6. Potiphar gave Joseph minimal punishment according to Egyptian custom. In what ways was Potiphar conflicted? Describe an event where you felt conflicted about an important decision.