21 March 2021
Series: Joseph
Book: Genesis

JOSEPH: Forgiveness Forges Freedom

Bible Passage: Genesis 50


  • Forgiveness unites, bitterness divides
  • Forgiveness sees the bigger picture
  • Forgiveness create a different ending


  1. While you were growing up, who influenced you towards faith in Christ? Are you the product of a legacy?
  2. When you have experienced trouble by the actions of others, do you tend to focus more on “you meant it for evil” or “God meant if for good”?
  3. The brothers feel undeserving of Joseph’s forgiveness. When do you feel undeserving of God’s forgiveness?
  4. Joseph leaves behind a tremendous legacy. How do you want to be remembered? What legacy do you want to leave to future generations?
  5. What decisions are you facing that will impact your legacy?
    In 50 words or fewer, write out your desired legacy.