7 March 2021
Series: Joseph
Book: Genesis

Joseph: A Conflicted Conscience

Bible Passage: Genesis 42


  • Sometimes we hit rock bottom before we listen to our conscience.
  • God can allow pain into our lives to get our attention.
  • God tests our consciences with integrity checks.
  • I must confess my sin and run to the cross of Christ.


  1. Would you rather have been present when Joseph revealed himself to his brothers or when he was reunited with his father?
  2. Joseph experienced the rejection of his family. Think of a time when you experienced rejection. How did this affect your heart? How did it affect your ability to love and trust others?
  3. Are you currently bitter or wounded by someone else? How is this affecting your daily life?
  4. Is it easy for you to forgive someone who has hurt you? Is it easy for you to ask for forgiveness when you have offended someone?
  5. What is the difference between reconciliation and restoration? 6. Joseph tested the sincerity and integrity of his brothers. How is God testing you today?