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Generic SermonVideo  |  Sunday Summary


Steve Hill


Psalm 23


  1. God provides: Look at what you have, not what you don’t have.
    • Love
    • Peace
  2. God restores my soul: Identify your green pastures.
    • God’s Word
    • God’s People
    • God’s Rest
  3. I can get on the right path with God’s help.
  4. I will not fear.
  5. I will enjoy God’s presence.


  1. Do you find the 23rd Psalm uplifting or discouraging? Is the shepherd metaphor easy for you to relate with?
  2. The Psalm has 3 verbs: “I lack nothing”—“I shall not fear”—“I shall dwell.” Which phrase means the most to you right now?
  3. What is the darkest valley you have faced and how did you recover from it? How does God restore our spiritual energy when we are depleted?
  4. David says that “I lack nothing” but at times we feel the opposite. How do you explain this?
  5. During this pandemic, how have you experienced God’s presence? Being still and listening to God provides us direction and affirmation. What action step could you take to rest and listen to God?