Generations: All In is how we as a church will:

  • Believe that God will bless our desire to create space where hearts and lives will be impacted by the Gospel message.
  • Commit to prayerfully asking God what He would have us do to make life-changing ministry at Grace Community Fellowship possible.
  • Invest wisely what God has given us, so that it can be used for His glory.




What is Generations: All In?

In December 2020 we will come to the end of a three-year initiative called Generations, which enabled us to complete construction in an existing 8,000 square feet of unfinished space that we had on the second story. Generations: All In is about completing our building project, and asking everyone to pray about a one-year extension of their giving to the building in order to provide the initial funds to add another 7,000 square feet of space. This additional space would include a small auditorium on the second floor, with space underneath it on the first floor for four new classrooms and a sensory room for GCF Kids. These additional spaces will enable us to meet needs and expand many of our ministries within our building and by extension, out to our community.

How much will it cost?

Our preliminary estimate is $2.2 million in today’s dollars. The Generations: All In one-year extension will provide the initial funds for the costs of architectural plans, engineering, and permits. In the fall of 2021 we will move forward with another endeavor to complete the construction of this project.

Why do we need to expand our building more?

Leaving a legacy of faith starts right now. The leaders of tomorrow are already here in our children’s area, middle school, high school and young adults. The additional funds from Generations: All In will allow us to expand our physical space so that we can meet our growing ministry needs, and impact future generations to make a difference for Christ in our church, community and world.

What will be done with the current areas that exist on our campus?

We are moving forward with renovating the main restrooms, creating space dedicated to video production and expanding offices by shifting them to the current middle school room. All of our existing spaces will continue to be maximized in ways that further ministry to our church and our community.

How will the new spaces be used?

The second floor space will accommodate our Youth Ministry, while also providing additional space for multi-purpose ministry uses. We anticipate the added space will be used for a wide variety of ministry purposes such as:

    • Youth Ministry
    • 4th & 5th Grade Ministry
    • Bible Study groups
    • Community Gatherings (e.g. One-Hope, Every Child)
    • Leader Trainings & Workshops
    • Private events
    • Worship Nights
    • Conferences
    • Classes

Our children’s ministry has continued to grow and is in need of additional classroom space that would accommodate ideal class sizes on Sunday mornings, as well as benefitting the Grace Community Preschool & Kindergarten during the week. In addition to classroom space, we have been developing a special needs ministry within in GCF Kids program, and the added space will include a sensory room for this ministry.

How will Generations: All In be done?

Generations: All In will raise funds over a one-year period, which will be invested in building space to develop future generations that follow Jesus, impacting our community and the world with the Gospel. In the fall of 2020 we will spend several weeks as a church prayerfully asking God where He would like each of us to grow in generosity. Through this, we believe that He will bless our church so that we are able to reach future generations whom we currently do not have the space for. It is our hope that every individual and family at GCF will prayerfully and faithfully follow God’s leading about how to invest in the future of Grace.

What is the timeline for Generations: All In?

The first floor renovations will be done as soon as we have a building permit, which could be in the next 3-4 months. The new construction will begin in the fall of 2021 or spring of 2022, depending upon the city permitting process. Next year, in the fall of 2021 we will begin another initiative to raise the funds needed to complete the construction of this project.